MoodZ Jakarta – The Place to Be !!!

Let us infuse your Mood: listen to Music, Wine and Dine in our life style changing environment at MoodZ.

“MoodZ” is a Gastrobar. A concept of a Bar that serves quality food, a bar for food enthusiasts, a restaurant for party goers, a wine spot for wine lovers .  We are giving you a lifestyle, a culinary and entertainment lifestyle. Join us! enjoy our food variety, Classic-de-constructed cocktails, best of its kind wine collections. This is not a restaurant, a bar, a lounge, a club…THIS IS MOODZ!

Best Food in Town

MoodZ is Jakarta’s answer to one of the most entertaining venues that set new elements into “Music, Wine and Dine”, to lift your mood! To achieve this, we created a great selection of Northern European Style Dining that will enhance the satisfaction you desire.
These new standards transfigure these concepts into a new mindset and creating within a combined Restaurant, Lounge and Bar with the element of surprise.

MoodZ Lighting System

MoodZ’ ambience is created by one of the largest Mood Color Generating Lighting Systems bringing a new swing to the Jakarta scene, creating a fusion of the largest outstanding Music Video Collection in the City. All this is available at your fingertips on demand.

Amazing Music & Video Collection

MoodZ offers the first “Light Life Style System” in Jakarta as well as being the first venue that offers its guests sight and sounds via a “VDJ – System” (Video DJ –System).
Let us infuse your mood: listen to Music, Wine and Dine in our life style changing environment.